term beverage products," the question for the media dis

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term beverage products," the question for the media dis

Postby Richardera » 02 Jul 14:06, 2014

term beverage products," the question for the media disclosed, Shanxi Call Center Services of Quality Supervision on April 19 investigation team, through on-site inspection, sample testing, inspection records , asked the staff, etc., finds media coverage the case. Meanwhile in the survey also found that there is a problem of individual production conditions do not meet the relevant requirements of the company. According to the relevant laws and regulations, April 28, the Provincial Quality Supervision Call Center Services of Coca-Cola (Shanxi) Beverage Co. made a stop rectification of administrative punishment. "Courier service" national standards (called "standard" below) will go into effect on May 1 this year. Compared to industry standards, national standards in form and content has been greatly improved, a higher level of standard, authoritative stronger, broader scope, pc tech support to fill our national standard courier field blank. According to the National Post the relevant department heads, the "standard" depending on the operating range of the minimum number of employees to refine the courier service organization's requirements, add a join enterprise management and international business agency regulations, but also specifically added for international express the relevant requirements of the service time limit. Refine the visual inspection of the shipment and packaging requirements, increased processing requirements without the express, etc., and especially for the shipment was "a sign posteriori" or "after signing a priori," clearly gives the answer. In addition, the standard also to the larger space, adding the specific requirements of the international express delivery services in various sectors. Therefore, compared with the existing "courier service" postal industry standards, national standards in this release has been greatly expand and enhance the content. "Standard" applicable in the country, in addition to internal postal, courier services and other related industries should consciously abide by. Other levels of the standard shall not conflict with, the national standards promulgated, appropriate industry standards annulled. “Courier service" up to the national standard, indicating the importance of courier services for national economic and social development has been highly recognize

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